About Bruce Lynn Dellinger

At the age of 14, Bruce Dellinger had an accident and fell 25 feet from a barn hayloft.  He smashed the 5th and 6th vertebrae in his neck which rendered him quadriplegic for the rest of his life.  It was Bruce’s aunt Becky Barb who first suggested art might be a good outlet for young Bruce.  By his sophomore year in high school, Bruce had started to get interested in art.  A high school art teacher, Billie Jean Campbell, helped him develop tools that he could use to do some sketching with a piece of chalk attached to a long stick. Bruce tried a variety of media before discovering that just a plain number 2 pencil, the most basic artistic tool, was exactly what he needed.  Bruce’s decision to work in pencil was also inspired by the work of Shenandoah Valley artist Ken Schuler who offered a lot of advice on how to get started as a professional artist.  Bruce has gone on to receive a lot of awards and recognition for his artwork over the past several years and he’s justifiably proud that his artwork is judged on its own merits and that he can compete with artists who have the full use of their hands.

open quote My philosophy of life is that you can always be productive, you always have something to offer no matter what your limitations are — or what you think your limitations are.”

— Bruce Lynn Dellinger

Media Coverage

This is a sampling of the things that have been written about Bruce over the years: